"Just to let you know, we have absolutely LOVED your platform! What an easy way to get landlord verifications done quickly. The time we've spent doing them in the past was painstaking!"

Camille West - Administrative Director at Reeder Asset Management

The Problem

The manual verification process is time-consuming and difficult. Property managers experience two common issues. 1) The amount of time it takes to get a verification completed, which involves phone calls, emails, scanning and filling out forms by hand, and 2) Preventing fraudulent reports. They want to know the report was not completed by an applicant’s relative or friend.

The Solution

Our automated system makes it easy to request, complete, and access rental history reports - entirely online. 45% of our reports are completed in under 2 hours - 80% in under 8 hours. We excel at preventing fraud. If a landlord is not already in our verified landlord database, we use five data points to verify them, starting with property ownership and relationship to the tenant.

How It Works


Tenant requests up to two landlord verifications

Tenant creates an account, is verified, invites past landlords to complete a verification report, and pays $10.95 for the service.


Past landlords complete the verification report online

Landlords are verified to prevent fraud. Then, they follow a link to the site, and answer 14 legal-to-ask questions to complete the report.


Leasing agent is notified and gets the report online

The report is accessible online to all initiating and contributing parties after initial payment or until a new request is made.

Make your life easy by including LandLord Verification™ online as part of your tenant screening.
Begin today and take the “pain” out of the process!