Taking the “pain” out of landlord verifications
by innovating and automating the process.

The Problem

The manual landlord verification process is time-consuming, cumbersome and difficult; involving phone calls, messages, emails, printing, filling out forms by hand, (sometimes multiple times) scanning, and returning. When it’s all done, the information fades away until the next time. Then, the process starts all over again. Landlords and property managers agree, it’s a pain!

The Solution

LandLord Verification™ is focused solely on streamlining and automating how landlord verifications get done. Our online, nationwide database makes it easy to: search for, request, remind, store, give and get a verification. The whole process is fast and efficient – and done completely online.

Our standardized report contains fourteen factual “Yes” or “No” questions to help you understand a tenant’s rental behavior. But it doesn’t end there. Similar to a credit history, each verification report accumulates over time, creating a long-term record.

Maximize your profitability by including LandLord Verification™ online as part of your tenant screening.
Begin today and take the “pain” out of the process!