The only fully automated, one-stop tenant screening solution using
cutting-edge technology to provide verified reports fast.

The Problem

Rental applicants are falsifying rental history, income, and identity documents at an alarming rate. The online application process, along with image editing technologies and websites designed to create these false documents, has made it easy to do. The detective work necessary to verify this information is time-consuming and cumbersome. However, if not done, the resulting evictions, at a national average cost of $7500 per rental, are a problem no one can afford.

The Solution

Our rental history reports are regarded as “best in the industry.” Automated and verified, 45% of reports are completed in under 2 hours – 80% in under 8 hours. We expose document fraud using state-of-the-art, automated detection algorithms, detailed forensic image analysis, and historical document matching. Automated income verification is accessed through cutting-edge tokenization technology that is bank-level secure, real-time, accurate, and fast.

Join the Rental Screening Revolution™ and take the “pain” out of the process.