LandLord Verification™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Similar to a credit report, we collect up to seven years of accumulated tenant/landlord referrals. This gives you a better idea of an applicant’s historical rental behavior. You often receive multiple verification requests for the same tenant. Fill out the form once at LandLord Verification™ and send requesters to the site. It’s fast and efficient. All tenant screenings include an eviction check. However, not all evictions are completed and recorded. With LandLord Verification™ you can learn if an eviction was started but not completed, along with “off the public record” Cash for Keys deals.

No. When a person fills out a rental application, it includes consent to a background check for the purpose of verification. Verification encompasses, but is not limited to: credit, employment & income, civil/criminal, current & past landlords. This involves communication between those who seek the tenant’s information and those who can provide and verify the tenant’s information. In addition, our report page says, “By checking this box, I certify that the tenant has given signed authorization or consent to release their information for the purpose of verification.” This is the same way a credit history is compiled. We are simply taking the landlord verification process online, rather than via phone, email and fax.

No. Simply stated Fair Housing Laws prohibit discrimination based on: race, color, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, source of income, disability, genetic information, and military status. In addition, it is important to check local fair housing laws. However, the LV™ report does not contain any questions pertaining to any of the above.

No. Only the tenant’s name and past address(es) are visible on the report. All other searchable, personal tenant data is invisible, encrypted and safeguarded on the site.

We do not ask for, nor do we receive the tenant’s entire social security number. It is OPTIONAL for you to enter ONLY the last four digits of a tenant’s social security number, which allows for a more specific search result.

No. The report says, “Reviewed by: Property Manager” or “Reviewed by: Property Owner/Landlord.”

There are many ways to search for a tenant: Name, DOB, Phone Number, Email Address, and ONLY the last 4 of a social security number. The more data you enter the more specific and accurate the search results.

There are two methods. 1) You can upload a CSV or XLSX format using the following column headings: First Name, Last Name, State, City, Phone, License, Date of Birth, Email, Last 4 SSN Digits. Once the tenant data is uploaded it is searchable, encrypted and safeguarded. Upload your tenant directory once a month to keep your tenant data current. 2) Use our API to push your data onto our site.

The cost of a report is $7.95. Before you dismiss this by thinking, "Why would I pay for something I've been getting for free?" let's do the math. You hire staff to track down this important data. If you pay your people a living wage, and it takes on average an hour to complete this process, it’s costing you to get that form. By learning how to be pro-active, your staff will spend less than 15 minutes on a verification, saving you up to 75% of your current cost.

"Yes. Click on “Sample Report.” at the top of this page."

Tenants may contact us in writing with their complaint. We can then contact the verifyer and investigate the veracity of the landlord verification report.

We do not keep reports longer than seven years.

LandLord Verification™ is similar to credit reporting agencies that collect data voluntarily entered by creditors. Creditors don’t get sued for reporting data that results in a poor credit score. LandLord Verification™ is collecting factual data entered by landlords and property managers. The questions asked on the report are fact-based, yes or no questions (some of which are optional) and should be easily provable. (See Sample Report at the top of this page.)You may also upload photos as evidence, if you like. In addition, most property management organizations and individuals maintain historical files of tenant data and can access them as evidence if necessary. We strongly discourage inputting false data on the website.